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This Is Our Staff Page If You See Any Of Our Staff Ask For A Autograph

Some of the jobs on HT do not pay reason being, they are so very easy. The jobs listed down the bottom are jobs which do not require effort to do so their for have no pay involved.
.Forum MOD-(An easy job that can be done with no effort)
.Manager -(this is a promotion their for you get extra privillages with this job)
.Co-Owner-(same as manage this is a promotion so you gain extra privillages with this job)
Co-Manager-(same as manager and co-owner you get extra privillages as co-manger)
Rare Valuer's-(all the ht staff do it so its not a solo job)
Alteration Artists-(all the ht staff make alterations for the site its not a solo job)

CO Owner-Laingy2483
Co Manager-Hiaall
News Manager-Missgranger92
Reporters-Laingy2483, Hiaall and Miz-Silly
Alteration Artists- The whole HT staff
Fashion Manager- :StaryEyez
Fashion Guru- :StaryEyez
Lead Forum Mod-Flatrock1
Forum Mod-Zongo7
Radio Manager-Laingy2483
Tech Manager-Laingy2483
Competition Manager-kimble9595
Rare Valuer- Random Ht Staff Members
DJ Names
Not avalible ATM


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