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Are you confused about the value of rares and dont know what to trade for a rare well right here are the values of them all.
If the picture is showing a cross right click and click on show picture(You may have to reveal the picture more than once!!!).

Last Updated 8/2/06 By hiaall
Hc Rares
Hc Sofa 1.0Hc 60 creds        Hc Plasto .25Hc 15 Creds  
 Mocha .75Hc 45 Creds Dicemaster 1.5Hc 90 creds   
  Tubmaster 1.0Hc 60 creds    Imperial 1.5Hc 90 Creds
  Throne Sofa 6.0Hc 360 creds    Oil Lamp 1.5Hc 90 Creds 
   Nordic Table1.5Hc 90 Creds  Magestic Chair 7.5Hc 480 Creds  
   Study Desk 4.0Hc 240 Creds
Catalouge Rares
  Holiday Romance 0.5Hc 30 Creds  Nelly 1.0Hc 60 Creds 
Aloe Vera 3.5Hc 210 Creds Holo Girl 0.5Hc 30 Creds   
 Laser Gate 0.75Hc 75 Creds   Petal Patch 3.0Hc 180 Creds
Smoke Machine .05Hc 30 Creds   Monolith Door1.0Hc 60 Creds   
 Red Fan 0.5Hc 30 CredsGreen Pillow 1.0Hc 60 Creds  
Snowglobe 1.0Hc 60 Creds   Purple Marquee 1.0Hc 60 Creds
Oriental Screen 1.0Hc 60 Creds   Red Dragon 0.5Hc 30 Creds 
 Purple Dragon 3.0Hc 180 Creds
Super Rares
Typo 80.0Hc 4,800 Creds  Turntable 240.0Hc 14,400 Creds
Gold Dragon 70.0Hc 4,200 Creds  Silver Dragon 60.0Hc 3,600 Creds
Bronze Dragon 50.0Hc 3,000 Creds   Habbo Babes 2 poster 15Hc 900 Creds
Parosol 80.0Hc 4,800 Creds Throne 110Hc 6,600 Creds

Now you know the values. trade well!!!