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Valentines Furni Is Here !

Yep That's Right Valentines Furni Is Here And Its Better Than Last Year's ! So Buy Some Credits And Grab Some Before It Leaves !

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Missgranger92                         Unavailible
mmmmmm Press!!!!! 
Dont You Just Love Fridays (I Love It For More Than One Reason, lol) The Pixel Press Is Released Once Again, With More Interesting Stories From Habbo Such As Pirate001, Gripping, Lilbunneh, Thorns, Progress, Nepean, Liquate, Juraga2 (Habbo X), .:bibi:. And -HellsAngel-. Plus Theres All Of The Usual Stuff From The Habbo AU Staff, Including More On The Habbo Way From Fraggle (Which I Advise You Read, It May Save You A Ban). Anyways, Thats About It From Me, Have A Great Weekend! And Seeyas Monday!

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