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Read What They Did Today

today it's's birthday party and we're all very excited. All the members of ht are coming and a few unknown peoples and well its about 1:00 and im in my pjs :) hehe :o gotta go cause me and my friend have to clean my room how exciting anyway
cyas for now
Hehehe, my sister MissGranger92 has the chicken pox, which I think where school ralated in some way! I have Japanese this year and my name is Japanese is Kanbedu! hehehe I like it!
What To Do
OMG its ma BIRTHDAY in 6 days and i dont know what to do for it. >:( i was thinking laser tag and a sleep ova with a couple of ma friends but then i might aswell see wat they wanna do :D hope u have a great day!
Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi
Well Its Me And I Just Want To Say Happy Aussie Day ! Today I Went Shopping With Mum And Stary And My Lil Sis And We Went Looking For School Stuff Then I Came On Habbo Hotel As May Of You Reading This May Know And Then Kimble (Cell.Phone's Sister) Invited Me And Stary To The Beach Until Cell.Phone Got Stung By A Blue Bottol Which Must Of Hurt Well Thats All From Me I Hope You Enjoyed Your Day !
Hi there all you habbo talk fans im back from my short holiday and i will be going away again nxt thursday till the end of the school holidays. So i wont be around to work on the site. I hope your holidays so far have been as good as mine. well thats about it from me. Cya
Well Its A New year And Today i Went To The Movies With Somes Mates To See The New Movie The Chronicals Of Narnia ! Its Was Great We Threw Some Jaffa's And Gummie Bears At My Sister And Her Friend Well Tata From Me Tomorrows Another Day !
Hey Guys
First of all i would like to wish you all a very happy new year. Hope all your christmases were good and u got lots of great presises. Well we have a new comp up and running to and i hop we get heaps of entrys. Well thats about it from me just remember to become a member of ht. Cya guys
- Hiaall
Well Its Official
Well Its Official I Will be All By Myself On The Computer All holidays Unless The HT Team Can Cheer Me Up Im Down And Sad Im Alone All Holidays All my Friends Are On Holidays >:( So Next Holidys Im Making Sure They Dont Ditch Me !!!
Hey Peoples! This is my first blog and I have a lot to say! We as you all know, MissGranger92 and I are sistaz and we went to Sydney for a after Chrissy shopping spree! So fun! I cot some Cons! I got a guitar for Chrissy! This Christmas was so fun, and I ALSO GOT $340. Well gotta go.
Asta La Viesta,
:StaryEyez / Campbell
Tired Out
Well I've Just Come Back From Sydney Staying In This Awsome Hotel Room (And Sharing A Bedroom With My Sister >:( ) And Coming Back Home Tired As I Hope You All Had A Good christmas I Know All Of The Habbo Staff Have And Guess What i got For Christmas !! I Got A Awsome Bike And 340$ Spending Money Well Thjats All From Me Ive Gotta Go To The Movies With my Sister How Fun :I
Stop Bothering Me
Im just sitting in my room playing games on my computer and watching tv after doing all my daily tasks and then all of a sudden "DANIEL CAN YOU DO THIS DANIEL CAN YOU DO THAT" orders which were uncalled for well i would like to tell you more but i can hear another task coming on. :(
Hi Guys
Hi every1, Ive had a busy day and im really tired and i need something to do Before I die of  boredom, HEY! look art atacks on ill go watch that cyas. =D
My Head Hurts, Not Because I Had Stuff Thrown At Me In The Pool More Because Ive Been Working Heeps To Get Those Forums Working!!
Oh Yes And Its Also Becasue Of The Stuff That Was Thrown At Me In The Pool. =D
Well Today's Another Day And I Went TO A Mates House it Was Fun But As You Can See From The Title Of This Diary Name I Am Burnt Its Horrible And To Make Matters Worse I Have This Huge Lump On My Head Because my Mate And I Were Having A War In Teh pool And I Threw A Doll At Him And He Through It Back And It Hit My Head So Now Its Really Sore !!!! Well Tahts All From Me I Can't Wait Till Christmas !!!
Well Today I Was Basicly On The Computer All Day Its Pritty Boring But It Was Fun Im Now Watching A Dvd And Singing lol Its 12:54 And Its Beautiful Weather But im Stuck Inside I Look Out Side And All The Duckies Are Swimming Well Thats Enought From Me Today Cya