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All About Battle Ball


Battle ball the newest most exiciting thing to hit habbo hotel. Yes its the new game where you bounce your way to victory. As you may know already at the present time the battle ball high scores page is down on all 16 habbo hotels. But hopfully this mistake will be fixed and we will be fighting for those badges again.
                              The Legend OF Battle Ball
                              (thanks to habbo hotel australia for the legend of BB)

When the Habbo account called Red::Devil was only a couple of days old, Apparatus and Kyrpov – creators of Habbo Hotel – were so enthralled by his virtual coding skills and creativity that they started calling him such names as “wonder-child” or “precocious genius”. Then, after a couple of months when startled Staff members saw him wearing that bizarre ball-like red hat, they knew that this Habbo was definitely up to something... strange!

A few days later, Red::Devil locked himself up in a Public Space that he borrowed from Bamaloo and he started coding and coding and building and building with virtual component. The sound of his hammering and typing could be heard everywhere!

After all that long and tiring work he showed the new room to some of his best friends, asking them to come “test something really new and challenging”. The results, judging from the words of the “lucky” testers, were shocking! This Habbo had created a strange and very exciting game, something unheard of before and it involved huge bouncing balls… lots of them, in fact.

The Battle Ball game was born!


All About Battle Ball Written By Hiaall (Manager)